Card Templates

We have a number of card templates for use in TCG. You may use any of the templates on this page or create your own, but they must comply with the basic size and format requirements.

The standard card template is 55x70 pixels. Please make sure that the lettering can be read and is written using the font 04b_21 (available on the download page) at 8px. The lettering should feature a four letter identifier (e.g. TACO), or a two letter category code and two letter identifier (e.g. ETTC), followed by a space, followed by the card number.

For example, a full set of cards will look like:

And the accompanying mastercard is 174x120 pixels.

Themed Templates

In April 2016, we held a competition to create some more templates. You are welcome to use these in your cardsets!


Thank you Inger, Marcinha, Melissa, Nicky, Sherry, Sicara, Tallie, Tanya and Trampasj for the templates!