Join the Pixel TCG!

We're very happy to have new members join us! There are a couple of things you will need to do so that we can all trade with you.

Create your own TCG site

A sample website template and all the necessary files to get you up and running can be found on the Downloads page.


Choose your personalised letters

You need both a four letter (e.g. ABCD) and a two letter (e.g. AB) to identify your cardsets.

Check other members first to make sure that yours are unique!

Create your first main cardset

Using your four letter identifier and the standard card templates found on the Downloads page, create 10 cards and a mastercard.

The cards should be lettered eg. ABCD01-ABCD10 and the mastercard should be labelled ABCD Mastercard.

That's it! You're ready!

Just email our TCG Owner, Inger, and she'll get you started